History of Shiloh

    The Rev. George W. Holland and a small group of dedicated people formed a new church and named it Shiloh Baptist Church. The Rev. David H. Hairston of Davidson County was the first pastor of Shiloh. During the administration of the second pastor, the Rev. John Gibson, the church was sold because of financial difficulties. The church moved into a two-room house, located in Bloomtown on Highland Avenue. Under the administration of the third pastor, the Rev. Thornton Hairston, Shiloh made progress* both spiritually and physically. Two churches were built during his administration at the corners of Highland Ave. and 12-1/2 St. Succeeding pastors were the Rev. L.A. Williams, the Rev. J. A. Lewis, the Rev. T.C. Phillips, and the Rev. L.H. Powell. The Rev. R.M. Pitts became the eighth pastor in 1928. Under his leadership, Shiloh became one of the largest and most renown churches in the city and state. He attended Livingston College for two years and was awarded. the doctor of divinity degree from Shaw University. Under his progressive and vigorous leadership. Shiloh grew. Some accomplishments of Shiloh Baptist Church under Pitts' administration were: a new structure built in 1933 at the corner of 12th St. and Highland Ave.; an educational building completed in 1948; new pews were installed and the basement was remodeled in 1959; a new heating system was installed in 1965, and new carpeting was placed in the sanctuary in 1967. In addition to his work at Shiloh, Pitts was very active in civil, local, and state church affairs. Because of the friendly atmosphere and the impartiality displayed toward all people, regardless of status or position, Shiloh became known as "the church on the hill where everybody is welcome." More than 1,000 members were added during his 41 years at Shiloh. Pitts departed this life on July 25, 1969. On July 5, 1970, Dr. J. Ray Butler became Shiloh's ninth pastor. Under his leadership and training, the church membership and missionary groups were organized and restructured to involve more members into church activities. Dr. Butler's motto is "Everybody is somebody at Shiloh." Dr. Butler led Shiloh to attain innumerable and personal accomplishments such as purchasing parking lot #2 in 1972; receiving the Minister of the Year Award in 1975, and being recognized as the Church of the Year. The renovation and the establishment of a $300,000 new annex and the main building, constructing the R.M. Pitts Memorial Chapel, the north fellowship hall* the library, choir rooms, and the second and third floors of the education building called the Upper Room were due to the Rev. J. Ray Butler s persistence. A new sanctuary garden and new carpet' Vere also installed throughout the main floor. In 1984, because of Dr. Butler's love for community outreach, he led. the church to form a cooperative venture with St. Peter's Apostolic Church, known as the Shilohian/St. Peter's Family Center Inc. Dr. Butler was a legend during his tenure at Shiloh Baptist Church that ended November 1990. In January 1992, the Rev. Paul Arthur Lowe Jr. became the 10th pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church. Lowe is a native of Seattle, Wash. He is the former pastor of Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Essex County, Va., where he pastored for four years. The Rev. Paul A. Lowe Jr. is actively involved with the General Baptist State Convention of N.C. Inc; the Minister's Conference of Winston-Salem; the National Baptist State Convention, USA, Inc.; the Lott Carey Foreign Missionary Convention; the Rowan Baptist Association; and the Missionary and Education Union of Forsyth County. He is also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. 

Rev. R.M. Pitts